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Evia Bio is a life science innovation company enabling the growing cell and gene therapy market.

We develop approaches that are fit-for-purpose and use non-toxic, nature-inspired molecules. Finally, a replacement for DMSO.

Osmolyte-based cryopreservation technology & formularization model

Delivers significantly better solutions which are

proven in several human cell types.


    Organic compounds that work together to stabilize and protect the integrity of cells during cryopreservation


    Osmolytes are safe naturally-occurring sugars, sugar alcohols and amino acids


    Research finds that literally hundreds of combinations can support different cell-types

How do trees survive Minnesota winters?

The answer to that question helped us develop a novel strategy of preserving cells.

Current industry cryopreservation methods use DMSO

DMSO technology damages cells, causes high cell losses during manufacturing and is harmful to patients

Dimethylsulfoxide -DMSO-

  • Organic Industrial solvent

  • Cells need to remain in solvent at room temperature during freezing and thawing processes

  • DMSO is unstable and toxic to the cells and humans at room temperature and severely limits therapy manufacturing capabilities

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