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Evia Bio’s cryopreservation technology enables the entire Cell Therapy supply chain with high product yield, efficacy, and safety.

You don’t have to settle for less.
DMSO is no longer the only way to freeze cells.
You don’t need to pay the heavy price of low cell viability and recovery, poor efficacy, and patient safety issues.

Freeze and thaw your cell therapeutics as many times as you want without worries. Our Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) formulation does not require washing steps and is safe for patient infusion at the point of care.

No Two Cells Are Alike

So your cryoprotectant shouldn’t be the same either.

Evia Bio delivers superior cryopreservation results:

  • DMSO free
  • Algorithmically optimized for each cell therapy product
  • Significantly better cell recoveries than DMSO
  • GRAS formulation safe for patients


Human Lymphocyte ( T-Cell ). White Blood Cells of the Immune System
Scientist freezing tissue culture in liquid nitrogen

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