Discover the natural solution to cryopreservation

Osmolyte-based Cryopreservation Technology



Osmolytes are safe naturally-occurring sugars, sugar alcohols and amino acids


Organic compounds that work together to stabilize and protect the integrity of cells during cryopreservation


Proprietary algorithm optimizes cryoprotectant formulation to support different cell types

DMSO damages cells, causes high cell losses during manufacturing, and is harmful to patients.

  • Patients infused with cell therapeutics that contain DMSO experience adverse reactions from nausea to cardiac toxicity.
  • Cell exposure to DMSO for extended periods of time during manufacturing results in significant cell loss.
  • Immune cell therapeutic efficacy is reduced post thawing.
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Liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank at life sciences laboratory

How do trees survive Minnesota winters?

The answer to that question helped us develop a novel strategy of preserving cells.


After 30 years of sub-standard one-size-fits-all cryopreservation technology, the industry is about to change.

Evia Bio’s DMSO-free cryopreservation technology enables the entire cell therapy supply chain.

Patient Safety Icon

Patient Safety

Generally Regarded As Safe, GRAS components

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Product Yield

>85% recovery and viability with iPSCs, MSCs, sensory neurons, and T-cells

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Product Efficacy

Superior function, >99% signaling with iPSC derived sensory neurons

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Supply Chain

No washing required, time and process flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing


Stem Cells
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